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Oxygen tanks are widely used by clinics, hospitals and more that need medical grade oxygen.  If you need high flows for ambulatory oxygen, you are probably using tanks.  Oxygen tanks are heavy, bulky and don’t last long but are the only option for many when they want to leave the house.


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Drive CHAD® Evolution™

My oxygen conserver of choice for Tanks.

Most oxygen conservers for tanks are no better than pocs and often don’t provide the needed oxygen.


OxyMask Adult Oxygen Mask with 7' Universal Tubing

OxyMask – I use this mask to sleep, when my nose is stuffed up or to give my nose relief from a canula.


Oxysaver Cannula, Adult

Oxysaver Cannula – At higher elevations I used this when filling tanks with UltraFill.  At higher elevations I was unable to fill tanks with the EverFlo and also use 3 LPM.  I would turn the EverFlo down to 2.5 LPM and use the oxysaver.


OxyArm Plus Oxygen Device With Diffuser Arm

OxyArm Plus with Nasal Cannula Arm & 7 Foot Tubing and

When my allergies are bad and I need to breath through my nose I may use the OxyArm Adjustable Head Band with Diffuser

OxyArm Plus Head Band with Nasal Cannula Arm & 7 Foot Oxygen Supply Tubing

OxyArm Plus Head Band with Nasal Cannula Arm & 7 Foot Oxygen Supply Tubing

When I don’t want the canula lines across my face (when I first started using oxygen).




These are my thoughts and experiences, not medical advice.

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