Horse Sense

The ability to make good judgments or decisions.

Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary

Practical knowledge and good judgment about ordinary life.

Cambridge Dictionary

Free-roaming horses deserve to be properly managed by using good horse sense, but today far too many are not. We have the knowledge and needed skills, but we are allowing myths, misinformation and emotion to dominate the management of free-roaming horses.

In France 30,000 years ago, horses were being hunted and an important food source for our ancestors. They had the practical knowledge needed for successful hunts. Thousands of years ago we learned how to domesticate and handle horses.  Today we have the knowledge and ability to properly manage free-roaming horses, why aren’t we using it.  The free-roaming horses and the range suffer because we are making poor choices.

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan

 How do we tell if someone is using horse sense and critical thinking skills?  By results!!!

The Kaimanawa horses in New Zealand and the ponies on Assateague Island are managed using horse sense.  At the Oostvaardersplassen Nature Preserve in the Netherlands the horses suffer and may have as high as a 30% annual death loss.  At the Koscluszko National Park in Australia the horses and the range both suffer.   Most free-roaming horses today are managed using myths, misinformation and emotion which leads to horses suffering[1] and changes the range.  Nature makes the rules, we don’t.  Horse sense deals with reality and will lead to “healthy horses on healthy ranges.”[2]

This website promotes the use of horse sense and provides the knowledge needed for the proper management of free-roaming horses while telling their story through time.

The Wild Free-Roaming Horses around the world would like us to use

horse sense in their management.

[1] An extreme example, but other example occurring around the world.

[2] Healthy horses on healthy ranges is our goal, not necessarily natures.



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