Pulmonary Rehab

I was skeptical of Pulmonary Rehab to put it mildly.  I had been on supplemental oxygen over four years before I took a Pulmonary Rehab Class.  Looking back I wish I had taken one four years before I started supplemental oxygen.  I would not have learned as much taking it before I did, but it would have helped prepare me for what was coming and made it easier.   When I was finally ready for Rehab I asked my Doctor for a referral and my insurance paid for it.

I believe it was on the intake session when they handed me a Monaghan Z Stat, Flowsignal and showed me how to use it with my emergency inhaler (albuterol).   I was skeptical that it would do much but gave it a try.  After the first use I could tell it got more medicine to my lungs than spraying the inhaler directly into my mouth.  I don’t understand why Physicians don’t prescribe one to all who use an inhaler or that insurance companies don’t insist they do.  The Monaghan Z Stat, Flowsignal on its own made the class worthwhile.  I had been using an inhaler for over fifty years and didn’t know about it.


The class taught breathing techniques, methods to help clear phlegm and so much more.  I already knew the importance of using an oximeter and the class confirmed it.  The oximeter is an important tool, even before you are using supplemental oxygen. 

The class I was in supplied 99.5% pure oxygen for supplemental oxygen.  Even if you do not use supplemental oxygen you may wish to take advantage of it, if the class will let you, to find out if you can do more on a treadmill with supplemental oxygen.  Document your treadmill speeds, blood oxygen levels and LPM of oxygen used.  Let your Physician know the results from both with and without supplemental oxygen.  If possible document higher LPM flows as well.

I used the class to compare an Inogen One G3 and oxygen conserving devices to LPM of 99.5% pure oxygen.  I had an old G3 with 4 settings and it didn’t come close to suppling 3 LPM.  None of the POCs do any better unless you are using one of the luggable POCs that are capable of providing 3 LPM constant flow.  Most oxygen conserving devices aren’t any better.  The only I really liked was the Drive CHAD® Evolution™ Electronic Oxygen Conserver which I could actually use for low energy being out and about.

I learned I could do so much more if I was getting the oxygen I needed to be active.





These are my thoughts and experiences, not medical advice.

Gerald(Skip) Miller


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