2017 Free-Roaming Horse News

The news and information in this section will be from varying sources.  Not all sources are equal, and horse sense will be used to comment on the news or information as needed.  Please don’t hesitate to do your own research as well.  Better informed, better decisions.


A Wild Ass Invasion: There's Another Iranian Threat, and Israel Can't Bomb It

Over population happens world wide.

Fossil from Nevada cave spurs discovery of extinct horse

The Hard Truth About the West’s Wild Horse Problem

The insanity of wild horse management


Deride the high country: Parks Victoria plans big cut to feral horse numbers

Horse number double quickly and create problems the world over!

Congress may make it okay to eat wild horses today, and we have questions

Burros near Pahrump being rounded up


BLM drops plan to continue horse roundup

It’s Five Minutes To Midnight: The Wild Horse And Burro Tragedy

Read this to better understand the wild horse on public lands issue.


BLM launches roundup of problem wild burros north of Pahrump

BLM to Gather Burros in Johnnie Herd Management Area

Company develops innovative wild horse feeding stations with help from NMSUs Arrowhead Center

About all I can say is WOW!  Just so much wrong with the idea I don’t even know where to start.

Zoos seen as saviors of endangered animals

Wild horse advocates claim wild horse are near extinction with 75,000 head on the range.  They need to read this article.


BLM conducts tour of Indian Lakes holding corrals

Vern Buchanan Calls on Paul Ryan to Extend Ban on Slaughtering Horses


Nevada board OKs transfer of control of wild horse herd

Rock Springs Wild Horse Holding Facility Reopening With Winter Adoption Event


Labatt’s Navajo Beef label facing challenge as wild horses eat up ranch land

Helping control the wild horse population

Save wild horses and burros

If you ask Congress to block free and clear sales and/or euthenization without asking them to triple the funding to properly manage and warehouse the excess horses and free-roaming horse you are encouraging Congress's disasterous management of the horses in the Wild Horse and Burro Program! If you don't want free and clear horse sales, please ask Congress to tripple the funding for the Wild Horse and Burro Program. As it is now the Humane Society should be asking the courts to remove the wild horses from the abussive management practises created by Congress. CONGRESS NEEDS TO BECOME RESPONSIBLE HORSE OWNERS!!!!

Citizens: No wild horses in wilderness:   Relocating animals for fire prevention a foolhardy mission


What to do about wild horses?

Congress fights over whether to allow Interior to kill wild horses


Feral Horses and Burros;  When to Say When

From the Boone and Crockett Club, the oldest wildlife conservation organization in North America.

Colorado Wild Mustangs May Be Spared Euthanasia By Senate Bill

Congress Needs to Become Responsible Horse Owners!  If they don’t allow the BLM to sell or euthanasia excess horses they need to fund the gathering and warehousing of excess horses.  To do that Congress may need to triple the Wild Horse and Burro Program budget!

BLM appeals denial of horse herd sterilization

Another solution shot down by advocates!

Horse plan includes birth control, gathers

BLM Beginning Second Year of Conger Horse Gather, Study

Wild horses may catch reprieve from slaughter

Give the excess horses to the advocates who want to save wild horses.  If they don’t want them,  sell them!

Will a Senate bill save thousands of wild horses, burros from being euthanized?

Zygmund is Introduced to Female Przewalski's Horse Herd

Senate Moves to Protect Wild Horses

By keeping the excess wild horses out of the slaughter house, the wild horse advocates are the problem, not the solution.  If the BLM is unable to dispose of the excess horses as the populations rise it damages the range and reduces the resources the horses depend on.  Their body condition deteriates and leads to a painful death in some cases.  That is how horses self regulate their population and is happening now on many ranges.  Allow horses to be sold free and clear or dramatically increase funding to warehouse the excess horses!


Author: Use mountain lions to control wild horses

Show me the research showing mountain lions controlling wild horse populations.  It does not exist!  Yes, in some situations mountain lions have helped control wild horse populations, but in most areas would wipe out other wildlife at the densities needed to control the horses.

Plane crash in Sweetwater County results in injuries to passengers

Congress looks at wild horses (again), and there are no easy solutions

Ranchers, Range Managers or the BLM are not the problem, they have the knowledge and ability to properly manage the freeroaming horses.  Wild horse advocates and Congress prevent them from getting the job done.  We need to listen to the people that have the experience and knowledge and let them get the job done.

New study of wild horses launched

Sixteen wild horses collared for study

We don’t need studies!  We already know how to manage horses on the range.  We need to ignore the wild horse advocates and congress either needs to change the laws for wild horses or drastically increase the funding for the Wild Horse Program.  The BLM needs to be given the tools to manage the horses.

BLM to Conduct Emergency Gather in Wildfire-Ravaged HMA


As wild horses approach urban areas, officials warn of potential for collisions

Wild horses a draw in South African mining village

Incident Renews Importance Of Following Assateague Island’s Pet Laws

Hold your horses Fate of the West’s mustangs still uncertain

Tracking Takhi on the Steppe

Wyoming, ranching group enter lawsuit over wild horse gather near Rock Springs

Congress considers lethal methods to manage rangeland


Thousands of wild horses could be slaughtered if Trump budget cuts pass

Group asks Virginia Range horse agreement to continue

Sweetwater County: A Ruggedly Rich, Undiscovered Corner Of Wyoming

The trouble with managing America’s wild horses

The whole mob was shot

Follow the herd



Three to Join BLM Wild Horse Advisory Board


The Management of Wild Horses & Burros Made Simple


WH&B Advisory Board recommendations as taken from the live feed

The Management of Wild Horses & Burros made simple

Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board recommendations to BLM

Kudos for wild horse operation WH & B Advisory Board recommendations to BLM

Chronicles: Wild horses changed the Great Plains

The history in this article leaves some to be desired but follows actual history far better than most!

Two foals of rare Przewalski's horse born in China's Xinjiang

Assateague nonprofit aims to herd horses away from eating human food

300,000 petitions brought to wild horse advisory meeting

Wild horse deaths: Police ask Reno drivers to slow down

Blm Completes Rock Springs Wild Horse Gather

Preliminary results in for wild horse deaths

Wyoming wild horse roundup continues amid counting dispute

‘A Fed Horse is a Dead Horse’ Campaign Launched On Assateague


BLM working to determine cause of 22 wild horse deaths

Namib wild horse faces extinction as drought persists

Grasslands not deserts are a horses natural habitat and horses die off in areas like this!

Program helps inmates learn to 'gentle' horses at Nevada ranch

People call me a horse whisperer. But sometimes you have to shout

A feel good strory but total bs when it come to reality.

Judge tells Beaver County to hold its horses with mismanagement claims


Equine rescue hopes verified status encourages donors

This organization has 46 saved horses.  We only need 2,000 more organizations like it to rescue the 90,000+ head of excess horses created by the so called wild horse advocates blocking the proper management of the free-roaming horses on public lands.

Wild horse group criticizes BLM roundup in southwest Wyoming

Stallion struck on Assateague Island, 31 killed since 1982

Almost a horse a year killed by humans on Assateague Island. 


The Navajo Nation has a wild horse problem

Judge: BLM broke law in plan to sterilize Idaho wild horses

Feds target popular Utah wild horse herd for roundup


Horse Overpopulation Update & WH&B Advisory Board Meeting

BLM rounding up horses at Red Desert Complex

Wild horse advisers to meet in Colorado

Feds Nailed for Fumbling Horse-Sanctuary Whoopsie

Outback Australian horsemen reflect on a life spent in the saddle

Ban on horse meat could go by wayside

Are wild horses, sage grouse clashing in Utah's western desert?

Horse meat, it's what's for dinner — if the U.S. House gets its way


Senate Bill Could Trigger Wild Mustang Kill-Off

Clear Skies, Full Hearts, Can't Lose

Wild Horse Bait-Trap Gather Begins in Water Canyon



Taming a wild horse

Might be a good cause but everything about the wild horse is completely misleading.  Not a good foundation for changing lives!

Wild horses, repairs focus of Moffat County public lands celebration

Unadopted Devil’s Garden wild horses to return to territory

Non-profits duke it out over land dispute

Letter: Undemocratic attack on America’s horses

Not much fact here, just rhetoric & conspiracy theories.

Lawmakers must protect horses against slaughter

Not much fact here, just rhetoric & conspiracy theories.


Biologists learned what Przewalski's horse ate more than a century ago

Cheney votes against ban on wild horse slaughter as Wyoming herds grow

The wild horse advocates do not understand reality.  If was as easy to administer PZP or to use other management practices as they say the Wild Horse & Burro program would be using them!

The horse whisperers of Argentina

Dreaming of the possibility of horse whispers!

Snowy Mountains horse whisperers saving and finding homes for wild horses

I would call these realistic people who know horses and how to handle them.  Unlike the “Horse Whisperers of Argentina”, I can believe this.


Wild Horses: Adored by the Public, but Destroying Water Resources

Wild Horse and Burro Summit highlights science and urgency


National Wild Horse and Burro Summit

Now you can find out what all the fuss was about.  If you want to learn about the present state of free-roaming horses(Wild Horses) and the range they run on read, study and digest the information from the National Wild Horse and Burro Summit.


Experts gather in Salt Lake to tackle wild horse overpopulation problem

State and federal managers discuss fate of wild horses, with media and advocates locked out

Animal Activists Protest Wild Horse Management Meeting

Critics: Utah horse meeting is secretive 'slaughter summit'

A top interior official calls for ending bans on selling, euthanizing wild horses

Critics maintain Utah mustang meeting a 'slaughter summit'

USU officials defend wild horse and burro conference


Utah State University hosts wild horse summit, but excludes key advocates and the public

GAO report reveals wild horse population still problematic

Galicia’s wild horse roundup runs headlong into modernity

Judge to hear dismissal motion on Alto horse herd case

BLM to remove horses southeast of Rangely


Mustangs in Crisis

A very good article explaining the present state of free-roaming horses

BLM approves plan to remove wild horses from outside established area

The Act to Ban the Slaughter of American Horses Has Been Reintroduced!

Actions like this contribute to mustangs in crisis

Another wild horse roundup in Iron County, officials say problems remain

Bible Springs Complex wild horse removal begins Aug. 15



'Judas' method aims to cull wild horses in northern Australia for the first time

Federal court orders restoration of 23,000 acres for wild horses

Healthcare? Taxes? No. Congress bizarrely acts on horse slaughter

Horse slaughter comes back in new legislation


Wild horses’ fate to be decided in US House

Wild horse advocates encouraged by BLM’s recent work at Sand Wash Basin

Government, Native Americans Divided on Curbing Wild Horse Population

Northeast Nevada Wild Horse Round-Up

Why won’t Congress fight against slaughtering wild horses?


BLM Seeks Comment on Eastern Nevada Horse Gather EA

Time for BLM to revisit its wild horse policies, says advocacy group’s white paper

Horsetalk.co.nz would not print my comment.  So here it is:

If whff has all the information they claim, they could take the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program to court and get results, but they don't.  They have a conspiracy theory which has no value or meaning.  Congress needs to quit letting organizations like whff influence them.  Congress should rely on information from solid organizations like the National Wild Horse and Burro Rangeland Management Coalition (http://www.wildhorserange.org/), The Wildlife Society (http://wildlife.org/) and study the National Academies of Science(NAS) 2013 Report, Using Science to Improve the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program: A Way Forward (https://www.nap.edu/read/13511/chapter/1).  If Congress would pay more attention to organizations like these, ignore the wild horse advocates and it would be possible for the BLM to properly manage the horses.  The BLM has the knowledge and the ability to manage the free-roaming horses but Congress  needs to allow and fund the removal of excess horses and allow the excess horses to be sold, euthanized or fully fund the off-range storage costs.

Big Federal Wild Horse Roundup Planned in Northeast Nevada

Parks start brumby trapping as Snowy plan sits on table

BLM plans big horse roundup in Elko, White Pine counties


Congressional committee votes to allow destruction of wild horses

Reintroduced Przewalski's horses have a different diet

Proposed amendment allows humane wild horse euthanasia

BLM plans to relocate 1,500 Wyoming wild horses

Congress could authorize horse meat for dinner

Wild horses have potential to stem killer toxins on American rangelands

I don’t know where to start.  This article is full of fallacies and poorly reasoned.  Do a quick read and it may make some sense, but not when you take a good look at it.


Diaz-Balart casts crucial vote that could allow horse slaughters in U.S.

Why send horses to Canadian and Mexican Slaughter houses when we could keep the profits and jobs here?  The BLM needs to sell approximately 85,000 head of excess horses and burros.  Let the horse advocates that have caused this mess buy them if they don’t want them sold to slaughter houses.

Thousands of California’s wild horses may live or die depending on federal budget

NSW Government may consider reversing wild brumby cull targets

House Committee Votes To Reverse Ban On Horse Slaughter

How wild horses of the West would die under Trump budget

Judge rejects Utah ranchers’ plea to evict wild horses


Is it legal to feed wild horses displaced by wildfires? No

Fighting wildfires with wild horses – an untapped equine fire brigade

Unmanaged free-roaming horses could help prevent catastrophic range fires.  They will also cause catastrophic overgrazing!

Most modern horse breeds have strong input from Oriental stallions



BLM To Hold Hearing on Vehicle Use in Wild Horse Management

Overpopulation on the range? That’s fake news, says leading wild horse advocate

If we listen to this so called advocate Americans will not have the healthy horses on healthy ranges that they want.

400 wild horses gallop through Turkey’s Cappadocia

These are not wild horses, they are managed.  Just look at the video.

National wild horse forum planned in Utah; Zinke may attend

Advocates accuse feds of pushing wild horses toward extinction

Seventeen thousand free-roaming horses in 1971, seventy-one thousand head on the range with forty plus thousand off range in 2017.  Come on you self styled advocates, get real!!!!  Free-roaming horses on public lands are not being pushed to extinction.

Failure to tackle the “holy cow of the West” costing wild horses dearly – advocate

The conspiracy theory used here will not lead to healthy horses on healthy ranges.


Cloning To Revive Abaco Wild Horses


Animal advocates concerned about Salt River Wild Horse harassment

Ochoco Natl. Forest doubles wild-horse monitoring

Guest column: Too many news bytes, not too many horses

Trump Budget Enables Sale of America's Wild Horses: Here Are 5 Better Ideas

Hypocrisy of DOI Budget, Alt facts may kill our Wild Horses

The Trump Administration Is Selling Out Wild Horses

Wild horses could be sold for slaughter, euthanized under Trump proposal

Wild horses in Nevada could be sold for slaughter under Trump budget plan


Wild horses could be sold for slaughter or euthanized under Trump budget

Dominance must not be a part of horse training, say equitation scientists

Ancient DNA paints a picture of horse occupation in what is now Switzerland

Wild horses could be sold for slaughter in Trump budget plan

Slaughter ’Em: The Trump Plan to Solve the West's Wild Horse Problem

BLM Proposes Unrestricted Sale of Unadopted Wild Horses

BLM resumes emergency horse gather in Elko County

Nature up close: Domestic and wild horses


Wild Horse Populations In Oregon On The Rise

BLM Pauses Emergency Wild Horse Gather

Mustangs in the Bitterroot: National Forest acquires two wild horses from prison program

BLM Begins Emergency Wild Horse Gather in Nevada

BLM rounding up 60 horses south of Wendover


New comments sought on revised Wyoming horse roundup plan

Spending bill set for approval will continue defacto ban on US horse slaughter

Government-Funded Program that Finds Homes for Wild Mustangs in Danger of Ending

Wild horses on federal land put at risk by omnibus provision


Ancient stallion DNA highlights worrying loss of diversity in today’s horses

Commentary: Drugging wild horses is not sound wildlife policy

Despite deteriorating conditions, horse activists prevail


Two rare wild horses born in NW China, more expected

Rare wild horses propagate in northern Xinjiang

Commentary: Why are humane solutions for wild horse management being ignored?

They are not being ignored.  They are often not practical and the Wild Horse and Burro Program does not have the tools or funding to properly manage the free-roaming horses.  Congress needs to change the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971 and/or supply more funding.

Cactus Fire threatening Salt River wild horses


Seward horses run wild for camera

 “It’s not like you expect. They have no idea about animals,” Derry Mayfield. “The director wanted things they couldn’t do. They wanted them to be ready now, but you have to warm them up.”  The Congressmen that dictate how our wild horses are managed and the Judges that enforce those rules are like the movie director referred to in this article, they have no idea about animals. 

MSU students train wild mustangs for Montana nonprofit that helps veterans

5 wild horses find freedom in hills


Wild horse suit dismissal leaves inhumane conditions in place

Wild-horse advocates are ignoring nature's law

Wild horse foot may not be good benchmark

Archaeologists Find Earliest Known Domestic Horses: Harnessed and Milked

Mongolia was epicenter for early horse culture, study suggests

Humans a modest meal compared to horses and other palaeolithic offerings

Hoof problems common in wild horses


Navajo Nation considering horse hunt to control population

Court Denies Appeal Seeking To Round Up Federally Protected Wild Mustangs

Suspected Equine Distemper at Axtell

BLM wild horses under quarantine

Navajo Nation Horse Hunt

Powerful konik stallions square up

Konik Horses are not what the article above leads you to believe, they are not an ancient breed.  On the origin of the Polish konik and its relation to Dutch nature management

Humans a modest meal compared to horses and other palaeolithic offerings – study


Rangelands revealed: A modern look at ecology and management

Shrinking habitat and heated politics imperiling a living symbol of the West

Long trek for Third World horses to better care

Welfare report a “huge win” for Europe’s working equines

Namibia to relocate near-extinct wild horses

Judge sends Wyoming horse roundup plan back for more review


Accelerated Timetable Proposed for Wyoming Horse Roundup


Horse bill stalls in legislative committee

BLM seeks public comment on plan to gather more than 1,000 wild horses in Wyoming


People see what they want to see in these videos.  It is just normal horse behavior.  Neither are these wild horses.  You would not be that close to wild horses.  It is because of people like this that the range is damaged by horses in some areas with horses dying from lack of resources.  It is because they choose to believe in a make-believe world for horses.  Proper management demands reality.

Idaho’s wild horses spared from helicopter gather trauma

Rock engravings, including horses, confirm ancient origins of painting technique


Europe’s MPs back horse welfare report, but bute residues might no longer rule out slaughter

FACTS about Horse Meat & BUTE


Urgent aid under way: Kenya’s drought donkeys in dire straits

Precious gold horse bling from 2300 years ago goes on display

Race on to save animals caught in Texas Panhandle wildfires


Wild horses will be gathered in southwest Wyoming

UW, BLM begin study on wild horse movement

Federal Stampede Over Wild Horse Breeding Program

“BLM has effectively created a breeding facility that injures the natural herds’ survival possibilities” from the article.  The Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971 created the breeding facility on the public lands of the west.  The BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program manages the facility.  The free-roaming horses would quickly become inbred and lose genetic diversity without management. 

Livestock Board seeks to block WHOA expert witness

Wild horses frolic and fight in the Alberta snow

Wild horses offered for adoption


Utah wild horse round-up blasted

Wild horses signs removed then returned to highway

BLM Concludes Cedar Mountain Gather, Removal, PZP Treatment


Extinct horse may have survived in Siberia much longer than previously thought

Florence prisoners rehabilitate their futures by training wild horses, burros

Navy SEAL Veteran Uses Wild Mustangs to Help in the Rehabilitation of Combat Veterans


Study explores whether horses can sense mental trauma in humans

BLM plans wild horse gather near Challis

Sign warns drivers of wild horses on remote Moffat County roads

Wild horse bill would designate new experts

No home on the range

Utah lawmakers set out to wrangle wild horses from BLM’s control

Lawmakers want feds to rein in wild horse problem — or Utah will


Mustang Maddy Demonstrating Ways To Bring Out ‘Best’ In All Horses At EquiFest

Wild horse bill would designate new experts

Officials Plan Capture of Wild Horses in Central Idaho

BLM Plans Challis Wild Horse Bait Trap Gather


Wild horses killed near Sand Wash Basin in Northwest Colorado

BLM to Begin Cedar Mountain Horse Gather, PZP Treatment

Senate committee passes horse as livestock bill

Feds Avert Challenge to Roundup of Wild Horses

The following four articles are from the National Geographic and by Ben Masters.  They are very good articles.  The Wild Horse & Burro Act of 1971 needs worked over or repealed.

The Future of America's Wild Horses: The Options

Can Fertility Control Keep Wild Horse Herds in Check?

Wild Horses: The Consequences of Doing Nothing

Wild Horses, Wilder Controversy


Shared History Program exhibition features wild mustangs in need of home

Senate committee passes horse as livestock bill

Beaver County, horse advocates sue the BLM in legal tug-of-war over Utah’s wild horses

Cinderella rides a mustang


Veterans with PTSD find comfort taming wild mustangs

BLM to begin gathering wild horses on Cedar Mountain

Letter: Motorist caused unnecessary suffering to wild horse


BLM Concludes the Reveille HMA Wild Horse Gather

Kulan to repopulate the central steppe of Kazakhstan

Thousands of wild horses find refuge in Oklahoma, but can we afford to save them?


Urgent appeal:  Desperate times for stranded equines in Italy

This is a real rescue unlike the emotion driven events in the U.S.!

300 wild horses in South Dakota need homes as deadline looms

These 300 horses don’t need rescued, they need to be sold.  If Fleet of Angels wants to help with a real rescue, help in Italy.

Study that will track wild horses gets under way in Wyoming

I am skeptical about this study.  The climate, the weather, the grass, other users on the range, different horse personalities and so much more will need taken into consideration to really understand the movement of animals.  It may be more of an art than a science.


Horses ride through fire to mark Spanish festival of patron saint of animals

Cattle Growers support bill to protect private property

Bill would let state remove wild horses from private land


Wild Horses From Troubled S.D. Ranch Saved from Auction

Sanctuary in South Dakota surrenders 520 wild horses


American prisoners are training wild horses to patrol Mexican border

Bill sparks worries about future of wild horses

BLM to Begin Reveille HMA Wild Horse Gather Jan. 30

Bodmin breakout: New hope for abandoned ponies

It does not matter where horses are, they need managed!


Study to evaluate horse therapy in treating post-traumatic stress disorder

New charity boss speaks out: “Without our presence, there’d be no hope of improvement”

I believe it is good that Spana is providing services for working animals in areas with few resources.  With that said, those working animals are living in the same harsh conditions working animals world wide were before 1920.  1920 is an arbituary date I picked because in World War 1 the horses, mules and burros serving in the war had far worse conditions.  Your horse may be a pet, a member of the family or just deeply cared for.  A working horse is not going to receive the same treatment as a pet, they are working horses.  The same goes for a free-roaming horse, don’t expect them to be treated like pets.

Beloved Chincoteague wild pony Tidewater Princess put down because of infection

The Chincoteague wild ponies are gathered three times a year for health checks and vaccinations.

Puerto Rico island tackles over-population of horses

Nokota, Horse of the Badlands

I am familiar with the Kiger Mustangs of Oregon and know there is far more myth than truth in their story.  I am sure the same is true with the Nokota Horse.


BLM to Begin Sulphur Wild Horse Gather, PZP Treatment

Evidence of horse hunting in North America pushed back to nearly 24,000 years ago


BLM to Begin Reveille Wild Horse Gather


BLM boosts Pryor mustangs’ maximum population number

Brumby breaker: Horseman aims to stop cull and tame animals with help of disadvantaged youth

I agree with creating privately funded sanctuaries on private land.  The United States Government should not be competing with private industry.  In 2015 Taxpayers paid the Wild Horse & Burro Program $76,404,016 and the Program adopted out 2,644 head.  It cost our government $26,897 for each horse given away.  If people wish to believe the myths about wild horses they should foot the bill, not the taxpayer.

Snowy River brumbies: Calls for Aussies to create a sanctuary for the wild horses


Wild horses get favorable hearing in battle with California ranchers over sanctuary

Massive Wild Horse Roundup Begins in Utah

BLM recalculates desired horse population for Montana's Pryor Mountains

So called wild horse advocates are continually pushing for more horses on the range.  Just like Karen Sussman and the ISPMB they would rather let horses suffer and die from lack of forage and water rather than being responsible horse owners and use appropriate management!


BLM recalculates desired horse population, arrives at same number

U.S. Border Patrol recruits: wild horses, tamed by prisoners

BLM to gather horses in Nye County

Latest on Lantry wild horses: Court showdown looms

Snowfall delays BLM wild horse gather operations in Northwest Colorado


Nonprofits Seek Ownership of 540 ISPMB Wild Horses

Bureau of Land Management begins busy season of horse roundups in Utah

Charges dropped against Charleston attorney accused of horse theft

Wild horses under BLM management are between a rock and a hard place

Judges corral arguments over wild horse protections in remote California county

BLM to Begin Frisco Wild Horse Gather, Removal, and Research


Darting is key to controlling Colorado’s wild horse population

Talks about some of the limitations of darting, including the horses becoming wiser and more difficult to approach.



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