Why hors-sens?

Simple, horse sense.com was already taken.

There is a serious lack of horse sense(or common sense) in today's world.   For our grandchildren's sake we need to change that.  Hors-sens is a counter to conspiracy theories, rhetoric, emotion, magical thinking and will lead to practical judgments and sound decisions based on history, experience, knowledge and logic.

WH & B Program – The Wild Free-roaming Horse & Burro Act of 1971 is a perfect example of failed legislation that was created using conspiracy theories, emotion and magical thinking.  Horse sense is needed to change or replace the failing Wild Free-roaming Horse & Burro act of 1971 and replace it with a reality-based managed free-roaming horse program.

The knowledge, history and experience needed to create successful reality-based solutions to maintain managed free-roaming horses on the public lands will be presented on hors-sens.com along with examples of good horse sense.

Horse Sense and Oxygen – I was a smoker and am now paying the price.  When we don’t use good horse sense there is always a price to pay. 

When I began using oxygen 24/7, I was overwhelmed and unable to make good decisions on what portable oxygen concentrator to get.  At that time I thought it was my fault that I was having a hard time understanding portable oxygen therapy and the different methods of delivery.  After three years of oxygen use, I realized it wasn’t me.  Instead, the manufacturers of portable oxygen concentrators and oxygen conserving devices for oxygen tanks create the confusion.  Those companies are more interested in their bottom line than the health and safety of the people whose lives depend on their products.  I need a prescription to get medical oxygen, which means the FDA should be regulating the industry.  They aren’t.

Over the last year, I have done a lot of research and gained a better understanding of portable oxygen systems and how to take advantage of them.  I believe others may benefit from what I have learned and will share it on hors-sens.com.

I hope you enjoy this site, learn a little and maybe increase your horse sense.


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