Why hors-sens?

Simple, horse sense.com was already taken.

Now for the real reason.  To put it bluntly, our future is brighter when hors-sens is used to face challenges both large and small.  Hors-sens is a counter to rhetoric, gloom and doom, emotional responses and magical thinking.  Hors-sens brings history, experience, nature, science and logic together in making sound practical judgments and decisions.

Hors-sens.com is dedicated to using and applying hors-sens to the challenges we face and believes we owe it to our great grandchildren.

WH & B Program – The Wild Horse & Burro Program is a perfect example of emotional responses and magical thinking.  A reality based Wild Horse & Burro Act needs to replace the failed Wild Horse & Burro act of 1971.

The Great Basin – Learn more about the Great Basin, nature and our communities so they will continue to prosper.

Ramblings – Hors-sens and a wide mix of issues.



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