Horse Sense

- the ability to make good judgments and decisions -

- practical knowledge and good judgment about ordinary life -


The phrase horse sense came into use during the 1800s when horses were indispensable.  No one knows if the expression comes from the personality of horses themselves or refers to those who were skilled in working with horses.  Either way, someone with horse sense is thoughtful, has practical knowledge and makes good judgments and decisions.

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan

I don’t know if everyone is entitled to his own opinion (or belief), but I do know judgments and decisions are best when based on fact, solid information and knowledge.  With all of the information readily available to us in today's world, we should be making better judgments and decisions than ever before.  Unfortunately, I don’t see evidence supporting that.  What I do see is an overabundance of opinions and beliefs presented as fact which creates problems instead of solving them.

All thought is not equal.  All points of view are not equal.  And we need to stop pretending they are.  When individuals or groups are spreading BS, they need to be called on it using solid information and horse sense.

Individuals with horse sense know how to find the information they need to make good judgments and decisions.  How do we tell if someone has horse sense?  By results!!!

Mustangs:  The Wild Free-roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971 was created using conspiracy theories, rhetoric, partial truths, and emotional & magical thinking, making it an ideal issue to discuss and show good examples of what is and isn’t good horse sense.  I also hope it will lead to better decisions on free-roaming horses on the public lands.

News and Info:  I use this section to present information, past examples, history and the science needed to make good decisions concerning free-roaming horses.

Great Basin:  I haven’t done much here. 

Nohorscents@trumpcents.com:  Trump is a better example of conspiracy theories, rhetoric, partial truths, emotional & magical thinking than the Wild Horse & Burro Act of 1971.  Trump and his followers need to be held responsible for their BS. 

Oxygen:  For almost 40 years I ignored using any horse sense when it came to smoking.  Now I am paying that price now.    I want to share what I have learned in the hope it will help others.   First, don’t smoke!

I hope many will find this site informative and interesting but most of all I hope it promotes horse sense.

For our grandchildren and great grandchildren’s sake, we need to make using horse sense a part of our daily lives.


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