Skip Miller

Skip Miller grew up handling horses and cattle on the high desert of the Great Basin.  The horses included stud bunches, draft horses, cow horses and rough stock for rodeos.  Skip started horses over four years of age and within a week would be doing a day’s work on them.  He even put in a few rides on the draft horses before they were hooked up to the bronco wagon with a gentle draft horse. 

The draft horses were used to feed hay in the winter and put up hay in the summer.  Yes, the cow horses were used to work with cattle.  Skip had a front row seat in nature’s school house as well as successful ranchers as teachers.  To be a successful rancher in the Great Basin you have to understand nature and work with it.

From the late 1800’s all the way to the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971, Skip’s family had been involved with the management of free ranging horses.  After the Wild Horse Act was passed it was easy to see a train wreck coming.   The Millers claimed the free ranging horses on their allotments and removed them.  Skip’s history and experience make him an all-around hand that has a good understanding of horses, cattle and nature.

Skip left ranching in his mid-thirties and began designing and building custom oak furniture.  In the mid-nineties he began advocating for better mental health care and became a member of the Idaho State Planning Council on Mental Health.  Skip was contracted to produce newsletters, directories, and web sites.  During this time Skip began to understand that far too many important decisions were based on emotion, rhetoric, and beliefs.  Sound practical judgements and decisions need to be made using natures laws, sound knowledge, experience, and logic.

For the last fifteen years Skip has worked in a grocery store.  He is now retired, but not ready to be put out to pasture.  Skip is going to use his knowledge and skills to help give our grandchildren and their grandchildren a better future. 



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