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In January of 2018, I began using an Eclipse 5.  At 20 lbs it is a luggable portable oxygen concentrator(POC).  I immediately realized I had deprived my body of the oxygen I needed not only before I accepted the reality of needing supplemental oxygen (2014), but afterward as well while using an Inogen One G3 with 4 settings.  The Eclipse 5 produced over 5 LPM of oxygen on a setting of 6 with a battery lasting less than an hour.  The Eclipse 5 showed me how much 6 LPM would allow me to do, I just needed to find a lighter system with longer battery time.

The system I found is the Respronics Inc. UltraFill (home fill oxygen cylinders) with high capacity cylinders (3000 psi).  The main oxygen conserving device(OCD) I use is the Chad MicroDose Mini (modified to fit an UltraFill cylinder).  I am able to ride my electric bike and play tennis with other seniors for three hours on an M9-MC13 cylinder while maintaining decent blood oxygen levels.

This search has been a learning experience that I would like to share in the hope it will help others. 

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POCs, OCDs, their settings and equivalent LPM


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Copyright © 2016-2018 Gerald Miller. All Rights Reserved.


Copyright © 2016-2017 Gerald Miller. All Rights Reserved.