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In September of 2014, I began oxygen therapy with a Respironics EverFlo home concentrator.  A solid home unit.  After a walk test that took 3 LPM to stabilize me, I realized I needed a Portable Oxygen Concentrator(POC) as well.  I ended up buying an Inogen One G3.  It seemed as good as any.  Three years later when Medicare began covering my oxygen needs, I wanted a POC that would deliver the most oxygen and allow me to be active.  I did some research and asked for and received an Eclipse 5.

The Eclipse 5 delivered more oxygen and showed me that I could be more active with more oxygen.  On the down side, the Eclipse 5 did not deliver the amount of oxygen or battery time that was implied in the marketing materials.  I began my search for a way to easily convert the output of POCs and Oxygen Conserving Devices(OCD) to the equivalent in LPM so I would know which POCs would meet my needs.

Six months later and I have found a method that is simple and straight-forward.  I have a chart with a list of POCs, OCDs, their settings and equivalent LPM at, “POCs, OCDs, their settings and equivalent LPM.”  Please feel free to use it.  If you want to know about a POC or OCD that is not on that list send me an email with the name of POC or OCD manufacturer and the unit name and I will research the specs on that particular unit and send you the units settings LPM equivalents.

POCs, OCDs, their settings and equivalent LPM

The Inogen One G3 with 4 settings does not produce 3 LPM of oxygen.  For three years when I was shopping, working, walking, exercising, in Burns, Oregon(4200ft) or Catlow Valley(4500ft), playing tennis, or many other activities my blood oxygen levels were in the 80’s or lower.  After activities, my muscles would be sore and at times just hurt.  My feet would swell and I would tire quickly.  I was often short of breath.  I am sure some damage was done to my body.

Now that I have found a better oxygen delivery system I can be active without the pain, soreness, swollen feet and do not quickly tire.  I am more active, in better shape, feel better and am happier.  For three years I suffered because POC and OCD setting are not equivalent to the same number in LPM.  I suffered because POC and OCD manufacturers had no regulations on their settings.  I suffered because the FDA did not regulate POC and OCD settings to be equivalent to LPM even though it takes a prescription with the dose in LPM to buy or even use one.  No other prescription drug that I know of has the liberty to set their doses.

Don’t do what I did!  When you get a prescription for oxygen, ask what the LPM dose should be at rest and when exerting.  Then get an oxygen delivery system that meets your needs.

Pulse Settings, Liters Per Minute And the FDA

The system I now use is Respronics Inc. UltraFill (home fill oxygen cylinders) with high capacity cylinders (3000 psi).  The main oxygen conserving device(OCD) I use is the Chad MicroDose Mini (modified to fit an UltraFill cylinder).  I also use an Invacare Element and a Chad Evolution OCD depending on what I am doing.  am able to ride my electric bike or play tennis with other seniors for three hours on an M9-MC13cylinder while maintaining decent blood oxygen levels.

And Always Be Aware of Your Blood Oxygen Levels!


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POCs, OCDs, their settings and equivalent LPM


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