The news and information in this section will be from varying sources.  Not all sources are equal and horse sense will be used to comment on the news or information as needed.  Please don’t hesitate to do your own research as well.  Better informed, better decisions.


Philippi horse trainers compete in Extreme Mustang Makeover

BLM proposes local wild-horse roundups

Brumbies in Kosciuszko National Park could spill into ACT and Victoria

Fort Polk can keep rounding up and getting rid of feral horses




Government Refuses To Cull Destructive Feral Horses

NSW brumbies bill a 'global embarrassment’

BLM seeks public comment on wild horse gather in Sand Wash Basin

'Insane': Government gets its way on wild horses despite protests from scientists

Wild horse gather planned for September

Meeting set to discuss upcoming wild horse gather


The Salt River Group and all other wild horse advocates need to pay attention to four of the following articles. 

Plan to cull Snowy Mountains brumbies makes sense

NSW brumby plan makes Kosciuszko conservation 'impossible', RSPCA says

Victoria plans to remove 1,200 feral horses from Alpine National Park

Local nonprofit receives Arizona nod to oversee Salt River horses

Hold your horses – feral horse fertility control isn't that easy


Brumbies: with culling off the table, what happens next?

Letter: Brumbies in National Parks – a new perspective


Nation's feral horse problem brought to forefront after recent death of nearly 200 horses

Again, this is what happens when free-roaming horses are unmanaged.  Look at the pictures in these articles to see what protecting free-roaming horses is doing.  Nearly 200 wild horses found dead on Navajo Nation land in Arizona  -  Nearly 200 wild horses found dead in muddy, dried up pond on Navajo Nation

Australian state government proposes protecting wild horses

The Wild Horse and Burro Act was passed in 1971.  Want to see how it has worked out?  Read Roundup nets 148 wild horses in mountains west of Las Vegas

Brumby cull backflip divides communities across New South Wales and Victoria

Roundup nets 148 wild horses in mountains west of Las Vegas

This is what happens when free-roaming horses are protected instead of managed.  Look at pictures of the horses gathered.

Controversial plan to cull Australia's wild Brumby horses abandoned

They haven’t learned anything in the last 20 years.

Exmoor ponies join wild bison to control Czech vegetation

I hope they have learned from the rest of the world and have a workable management plan!


Deaths of Salt River horses along Bush Highway lead to new safety measures

What is causing the increase in deaths?  Population growth?  Lack of food?

Saddling Horses Can Tame Recidivism and Rein Spending

I would like to see validated studies and hard data on these programs.  I doubt they are very cost effective.

Forest Service, advocates work to bring water to horses

Effort to save Nevada’s starving wild horses riles up community

Emmer column: Wild horses, feral policy

85 wild horses captured, 4 euthanized in roundup near Las Vegas

13 wild burros found shot to death in Nevada desert


Let Mountain Lions Eat Horses

Horse Roundup in Mountains Near Las Vegas Draws Protesters

Emergency wild horse roundup enrages advocates

Tracing how horse domestication turned the Eurasian Steppe into a highway


Agriculture department withdraws Virginia Range horse management proposal request

Warriors ask for harmony for land, people, horses in Moffat County

Nearly 200 wild horses found dead on Navajo Nation land in Arizona

Scientists propose declaring brumbies a threat to environment, in move that could pave way for cull

BLM calculates costs of wild horse options

Rights groups decry US plan to reduce number of wild horses



Inmate-trained horses join Yosemite National Park patrol team

Rights groups decry US plan to reduce number of wild horses

Domestication and its genetic consequences

BLM ponders offering $1,000 for wild horse adoptions

Long time Sable Island naturalist heading back next month

Tracking wild horses in Patagonia

Should the BLM remove ‘excess’ wild horses in southeastern Utah? Comment period open

Whoa! Nevada horse giveaway on hold near Reno; no takers

Nevada’s wild horse giveaway plan fizzles out


Wild horses present challenges in Southern WV coalfields

Wild horses may soon have their day as BLM begins wildfire ground fuel abatement test

Horses, anyone? Nevada gets no takers for mustang giveaway


Woman starts petition to bring more attention to rescue horses at Midwest Horse Fair

170 Kaimanawa wild horses re-homed

Horse adoption event seeks to address overpopulation

Friends of Animals wants Mont. feral horses on the endangered species list

Judge: Oregon emergency horse roundup violated law

No solution for wild horse overpopulation in budget

Montana Ag Network: Ranchers demand reform of Endangered Species Act

Congress demands wild horse and burro plan from BLM



Wild-Horse Overpopulation Is a Lie

Why is the Mesquite Local News promoting conspiracy theories?

Where did Domesticated Horses Come From? Where did the Wild Ones Go?

Mammoth Kaimanawa Horse Muster to catch 200 wild horses

If Overpopulation is a lie why would they have a Kaimanawa Horse Muster?


BLM removes 1,000-plus horses from Nevada range

Navajo Nation cancels plans for wild horse hunt


Oak Bay, B.C., moves ahead with experimental deer control program

How DNA Proved Wild Horses No Longer Exist

Wild horse advocates read this!  Wild horses no longer exist, feral horses do!

BLM investigates suspicious horse deaths

All the wild horses are extinct: study

Why The Last 'Wild' Horses Really Aren't

Ranch manager addresses wild horse problem

Need to Create Awarness About Indian Horse Breeds

Wild Horse Mesa herd hit hard by drought

Seeking sanctuary

More light shines on Pleistocene extinction event with possible discovery of new genus of horse

Utah Lake, wild horses, grazing, river dispute angle for lawmakers' attention


Suit to block feral horse plan is frivolous

Animal rights advocates square off over horse birth control

Wild horses found shot in south-central Wyoming; BLM is investigating

Spooked carriage horse runs wild, 3 passengers hurt in N.Y.

Critics say Nevada plan for free-roaming horses is illegal

Rescue groups work to secure future for Fort Polk horses

Wild horses aren’t overrunning the West


Rare wild horse born in Xinjiang

Local rescues continue to rally for Ft. Polk horses, litigation pending against Army

New U.S. Budget Proposes Allowing Mustang Slaughter, Opening Door to Wild Horse Meat on Dinner Tables

This federal bureau wants to slaughter tens of thousands of wild horses

Wild horses facing slaughter after US government proposes new regulations

Another day in Southern Nevada, another roundup

BLM Holding Hearings on Vehicle Use in Horse Management


Determined trainer vows to set horse world record

What he considers trained isn’t even out of the starting gate to being trained.  And for him to get 70 horses in seven days past that low bar are probably prepped before training starts.  

BLM Conducting Triple B Complex Wild Horse Gather

New group of Ft. Polk horses rounded up, now what?

Group says it doesn’t want to slaughter Virginia Range horses

‘Cowboy at heart’

Fort Polk horse removal on hold?


Protections approved for Salt River horses

This may be interesting to follow in the years to come.  I expect the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group to sabotage the management of the Salt River horses and a steadily increasing population.

Animal group: Ft. Polk escalates wild horse roundups

Animal rights group presses Army on wild horse roundups

These horses need gathered and sold.  We don’t need more protected horses, we have more than we are able to care for now.

Agency plans gathering of 2 wild horse herds

Candlelight vigil for wild horses in Carson City

 Wild horse brigade shut down again

This gives me hope.  People are able to see past the so-called horse advocates myths and wild beliefs to make decisions with good horse sense.

Burro’s shooting death prompts investigation, outrage


Guest Opinion: All the king’s horses can’t make wildfire

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