The news and information in this section will be from varying sources.  Not all sources are equal and horse sense will be used to comment on the news or information as needed.  Please don’t hesitate to do your own research as well.  Better informed, better decisions.


Advocate contends wildlife warnings needed on US380

Statement on control of feral horses in Singleton Training Area



BLM offers cash to wild horses adopters

Plea for homes for up to 80 wild Kaimanawa horses from annual muster

Wild about horses: Locals to get second chance to adopt Little Book Cliffs horses


Should the BLM remove ‘excess’ wild horses in southeastern Utah? Comment period open.

BLM authorizes wild horse gathering in North Hills near Cedar City

Wanted: More Pastures for West's Overpopulated Wild Horses

Charity urgently looking to rehome 70 wild horses from Kaimanawa Ranges


BLM Seeks Bids for New Off-Range Pastures

Protected wild horses chew ever-closer to Canberra's water sources

Kosciuszko camping site remains open despite warnings about dangers of wild horses

As Herds Grow, BLM Boards Wild Horses On Private Land

Assateague Census Finds Pregnancies, Presumed Deaths

BLM, FOAL partnership helps land, horses

Weather postpones Pine Nuts wild horse roundup

Singleton Army Base brumby cull an 'open-slather slaughter', horse advocacy group says


4 more dead horses found near Heber

Namibia: Govt Clings to Custodianship of Wild Horses

BLM seeks nominations for Wild Horse, Burro Advisory Board

Tribes respond to horse controversy


Wild horses in Placitas searching for new home

Willd Horses?

Feral horse capture begins

Colville Tribes respond to horse controversy

Wild horse management group volunteers claim they were shot at over the weekend


Vern Buchanan Continues the Fight to End Slaughtering Horses for Human Consumption

NC senator introduces bill to protect Corolla's wild horses

Animal Welfare Groups Applaud Federal Legislation to Ban Horse Slaughter, Humane Society of the United States Says

Unwanted cats and dogs are killed by the tens of thousands.  We need a market for horses or treat them the same way.

BLM to remove about 575 horses from Pine Nut Mountains

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests


Mass equine deaths in Australia in 42C heatwave

The so called wild horse advocates want to save the free-roaming horses so they may die like these.  Wise up and allow the people who know how to manage the free-roaming horses.


Four dead horses create many more questions

Australia's Heatwave Responsible for Deaths of Horses, Camels

Wild Horse Advocates pay attention, this is what happens when free-roaming horses and camels are not well managed!

CBC approves feral horse aerial-capture contract, increased bounty for tribal members

If enough good horse runners are left (????) this is a tried and true method of managing free-roaming horses.


There is a better way.  Gather them and sell them free and clear.  Or even give them away.


‘Shocking Stuff’: Dozens of Horses ‘Perished’ in Australian Heatwave

It is natures way.

Shocking pictures show dead horses at dried-up waterhole in central Australia

Horses perish near Santa Teresa


CBC votes against wild horse aerial capture contract

Feeding through furlough

Salt River wild horses receiving birth control to manage herd numbers

Province, Tsilhqot'in to assess Chilcotin wild horses for wildlife conflicts

The U.S. Forest Service could bypass federal restrictions and sell wild horses for slaughter

Hearing to focus on Modoc wild horses

New pen in California may allow sale of wild horses for slaughter

WILD HORSES-Forest Service mulls sales that could lead to slaughter

Lawsuit filed over Tribal roundup of horses in Palomino Valley

US judge bars slaughter of Nevada horse in tribal roundup

B.C. biologist worries government plans Chilcotin horse cull


Wild horse population is booming, but is re-wilding or slaughter a solution?

Slaughter would be a solution.  Rewilding just creates a bigger problem.  Look at what is happening on public lands, Indian lands, in Australia and at Oostvaardersplassen, a 14,800-acre man-made nature reserve(Slaughter of starving wild horses divides the Netherlands - NBC News).

Wild mustangs find sanctuary in the peaceful countryside near Edwardsville

Just horses.


Colville Tribes plans to remove feral horses from their reservation

An example of why rewilding doesn’t work!

PIONEERING WITH EPSTEIN: Care, time best horse sense

Even just decent hands with horses in the west, both past and present do not break a horses spirit, but they do have to make a living.  There is nothing wrong with the way this lady does it(as far as I know), but I am sure she has never made aliving from training horses the way she does.  No one would be able to afford to have her train a horse.

Local rescue takes in wild horses rounded up in California

Infection threatens Chincoteague's wild horses


Dark water: how brumbies will destroy everything Canberra was built on

Horse fatalities along Moffat County’s Colorado Highway 318 subject of multi-agency meeting

Supreme Court rejects sanctuary's easement request


How partial government shutdown affects Nevada

Ranchers upset by wild horse release

Aerial shooting of wild horses at Singleton Army Base is a humane option, Invasive Species Council says

Drought threatens wild horses that are symbol of the west

Some prehistoric horses were homebodies

Outrage as more than 150 brumbies are shot

Feds Begin Selling Wild Horses Captured in California for $1 Each

Birth control darts used on Salt River horses

BLM removes nearly 1,000 wild horses from public, private lands in eastern Nevada

US land managers in Utah to tackle wild horse population

Wild horse management needs to be remedied

Arizona’s wild horse paradox

Wild brumbies starving in Central Victoria as Parks Victoria do nothing, locals say


Sale, possible slaughter of California horses delayed while they get their day in court


NSW deems alpine brumbies a threat to plants after passing laws to protect them

This is nature also. And it isn’t pretty.

GonaCon vaccine could offer lasting results for managing wild horse population

Equine rescue fills needs in horse capital of the world

CANA Foundation Selected as Sidelines Magazine's December 2018 Charity of the Month

Those who want to rewild have lost touch with nature!  Just look what is happening in NSWs Australia, the BLMs wild horses, Oostvaardersplassen, the Navajo Reservation and others.  Rewilding makes it sound like we know what we are doing, and we don’t.  Just call it nature calling the shots.

The Road to a Spending Showdown Is Paved With Cigars, Guns and Horses

Inside the 'rewilded' English farm that offers an African-style safari on land left to its own devices for nearly 20 years Assateague celebrates new foal, tests for pregnant mares

Those who want to rewild have lost touch with nature!  Just look what is happening in NSWs Australia, the BLMs wild horses, Oostvaardersplassen, the Navajo Reservation and others.  Rewilding makes it sound like we know what we are doing, and we don’t.  Just call it nature calling the shots.

Eagle Butte horse rescue ranch sells; ex-owner is sued for rent

Assateague celebrates new foal, tests for pregnant mares

If rewilding is so great why don’t they do it here?

'It's A Park Not A Paddock': Campaign To Buck Kosciuszko Brumby Bill Kicks Off

Natures way!

Hyenas killing off Namibia's last wild desert horses: foundation

Natures way!

How many wild horses should the Ochocos hold?


'It looks like a horse cemetery': Starving brumbies shot dead by authorities in Victoria's Barmah National Park

Some are shooting the starving horses to keep them from dying a long painful death.  Other are attempting to save the starving horses.  One way is helping nature balance an over population of horses.  The other way is ignoring nature and making future problems worse and with more horses starving and suffering.  Those saving the horses are not concerned about the horses, other game or the range,  they are selfishly trying to stop the emotional pain they feel, damn the consequences.


Does Idaho need to change its state mamal.

California AG warns felony charges if wild horses are sold for slaughter


California AG warns feds of felony charges if wild horses are sold for slaughter

Academy hosts conference to examine the latest science on the impacts of feral horses

BLM Says It Plans To Pull Back On Controversial Plan To Spay Wild Mares In Oregon

Snowy Mountains Brumby protections should be dropped, scientists say

BLM plans ‘emergency round-up’ of burros north of Lake Havasu City

History in Focus: Sand Wash horses a living icon

This isn’t a focus on history.  It is promoting the myths surrounding todays so called wild horses and rewriting history to fit the myths.  In the third paragraph, “they were rounded up, branded, and broken to become saddle horses.”  Next it says, “efforts to trap the wild mustangs were ineffective.”  They called it right the first time.  The old timers were good hand and knew how to gather wild horses, or more accurately free-roaming horses.


All 27 horses at auction get new homes

Injunction from federal judge puts wild horse sterilization experiments on hold

Oregon Judge Stops BLM From Sterilizing Wild Horses

Advocates return wild horses to herd

NC wild horses kept trying to reach Virginia. Keepers had to find a way to stop them.

1,000 wild horses in need of homes, advocates say older horses are destined for slaughter

Advocates file suit to stop sale and possible slaughter of wild horses from Modoc Forest

Love those heehaws and snorts, but Death Valley aims to become a 'no-burro zone'

A must read for all wild horse advocates!  You want to rescue wild horses?  Do it on your own dime!  Don’t warehouse them on public lands, in corrals or on rented pastures.  The Wild Horse and Burro Program should sell all excess animals.  You wild horse advocates have the same opportunity to buy those horses and burros as kill buyers.


Claims Horses Have Been Left To Starve To Death In National Park

Unmanaged free-roaming horses is a world wide problem!

I-Team: BLM says shooting deaths of wild horses was 'humane euthanasia'

TWS offers recommendations for wild horse management

The Wildlife Society

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