2021 Free-Roaming Horse News

The news and information in this section will be from varying sources.  Not all sources are equal, and horse sense will be used to comment on the news or information as needed.  Please don’t hesitate to do your own research as well.  Better informed, better decisions.

2021 Free-Roaming Horse News

The news and information in this section will be from varying sources.  Not all sources are equal, and horse sense will be used to comment on the news or information as needed.  Please don’t hesitate to do your own research as well.  Better informed, better decisions.


BLM to round up half of Wyoming's wild horses

Why are wild horses dying in wrecks on South Reno's Veterans Parkway?

Report: BLM turns a blind eye to cattle grazing impacts, blames wild horses

Groups frustrated with BLM management of horses

Letter: Horse roundup letter was insulting, uninformed

Stand up for wild horses


Northwest Colorado wild horse roundup ends with 70% of the herd removed

How to manage wild horses? Many criticize BLM’s plans for state herds

Wadden: A better way to manage wild horses

Who will take care of the Nokota horses when Frank is gone?

'Undermined': Frustration after wild horses released into wilderness

Activists fought rounding up wild horses. Then came drought and climate change

‘Spiralling out of control’: NSW failing to remove feral horses quick enough

Northern Nevada wild-horse roundup aims to move 600 animals

BLM proposes huge horse corral near Winnemucca


Agency plans emergency wild horse gather

Border Patrol using wild mustangs

Wild Horse Roundup Continues In The Sand Wash Basin

Icelandair : Everything you need to know about Icelandic horses

BLM gather moves forward despite Polis and Reis’ attempts to freeze

65 horses gathered in Sand Wash Basin; further roundup delayed until Friday

Protecting wild horses

Wild Horse Roundup In Colorado Postponed Due To Rain

Activists fought rounding up U.S. wild horses. Then came drought and climate change

BLM rounds up, removes hundreds of wild horses in Eastern Oregon, to be put up for adoption

BLM Colorado ends wild horse roundup with 457 captured, plans another with goal of 783

Concerned Delta Co. resident, BLM on Sand Wash Basin wild horse gather

Return to Freedom Urges Haaland to Change Wild Horse Roundup Plan

BLM plans emergency helicopter roundup of 220 horses in drought-hit Harney County


Riding the High horses

Horse Roundups Amid Drought Create Debate

Tribunal appeal calls for release of NSW Government reports on wild horse management

Wild horse roundups ramping up as drought grips the US West


Mustang roundups fuel deepening debate as drought grips West

Feinstein calls for probe of capture, resale of wild horses

Letter: The reality facing wild horses–starvation

Letter: West Douglas Herd area facts

Op-Ed: Let wild horses do their part to save the West

Controversy behind wild horse roundups

Bureau of Land Management urges wild horse, burro adoptions amid drought, overpopulation

Wild horse advocates see better way to control herd populations on the range

Report: Drought In Western Colorado Forces Largest Wild Horse Roundup In State History


Largest wild horse roundup in Colorado history underway

Horse graves on the steppes as Kazakhstan is battered by one of worst droughts in living memory

BLM plans to take in hundreds of wild horses in northwest Colorado

Ban on transporting horses for slaughter tucked in infrastructure bill

Federal land managers plan to round up 6,000 wild horses due to drought, wildfires

COLUMN: More people, feral horses cause issues

US plans 50% more wild horse roundups amid Western drought

BLM plans helicopter gather of about 450 wild horses east of Burns, adoption, sale of most

BLM to round up 2,200 wild horses in northeast Nevada


BLM plans helicopter gather of about 450 wild horses east of Burns

BLM to round up 2,200 wild horses in northeast Nevada

86,000 wild mustangs that roam the West are at the center of raging controversy

Emergency wild horse gather of West Douglas Herd


BLM reforms seek to stop slaughter of wild horses

BLM to conduct emergency roundup of wild horse herd

Utah Tourists Seeking Wild Horses Will Not Find the Onaqui Horses on the Range

ISPMB Seeks Public’s Health with Pushing for Government Study on Heber Horse Herd in Arizona

Onaqui roundup ends with 307 horses headed for adoption

HORSE CANADA Article - Can Wild Horses Help Prevent Wildfires in the West?

ISPMB Pushes for New Model for Effectively Managing Wild Horses on Public Lands

N.M.’s Wildlife Protection Management Offers an Additional Private Sector Option to the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program

Catastrophic Wildfires Devastating Salmon Runs - Not Klamath River Dams - Wild Horses Offer Partial Solution

President Biden's Wild Horse Roundups Bring Furious Surge in Advocacy


Eurasian Horses Diverged from North American Horses One Million Years Ago, DNA Study Shows

Our Campaign to Save the Onaqui Horses of Utah

More than 1,200 Groups, Business, & Individuals Call on Joe Biden to Impose Moratorium on BLM’s Roundups of Wild Horses

Sen. Feinstein presses Haaland to investigate slaughter claims

Fort Polk horses likely descendants of ‘globally rare’ breed

Wild horses find new pastures in eastern Kentucky

Predictably, Wild Horses Are Still Suffering Due to Federal Slaughter Ban

Hundreds of wild horses in Moffat County deal with a drought



Kosciuszko brumbies outbreeding trapping program

ISPMB South Dakota Forms Advisory Council for Heritage Center

Animal Welfare Groups Commend Federal Lawmakers for Reintroducing Bill to Ban Horse Slaughter

East Gippsland Shire Council refuses to back brumbies cull after special vote

OPINION: New Federal Policies Land America’s Wild Horses & Burros in the Slaughterhouse

DNA analysis reveals North America horses that died out 11,000 years ago were related to the horses of 16th century European settlers

Court orders Interior to rethink wild horse protections

BLM plans virtual hearing on use of motorized vehicles, aircraft to manage wild horses, burros


Researchers Find That Wild Donkeys and Horses Dig Desert Watering Holes Vital For Entire Ecosystem

N.M. Startup, Wildlife Protection Management, Holds Tech Solution Patent for Roundups and Culls

Oregon wild horse herd will be cut in half under new Forest Service plan

As wild horse populations skyrocket in West, advocates blast plan to remove 12K animals

Range wars: Tension mounts in the West over public lands grazing, wild horses and ranchers

Ochoco National Forest finalizes plan to slash number of wild horses

Governor Supports Upcoming BLM Wild Horse Gather in Southwest Wyoming

Przewalski's Horses: Last Wild Species Found Thriving in Chernobyl



Proposed roundups target 3,500 wild horses in Wyoming

BLM seeks public comment on proposed wild horse gather in southwestern Wyoming

Remembering Wild Horse Annie

Are horses our partners or our tools?


International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros Recognizes Former President “Wild Horse Annie” During Women’s History Month

'Worth giving a chance' – Kaimanawa wild horses could face being culled if not rehomed

Forest Service opens public comment for horse removal plan in White Mountains

Reins of Hope: Missoula horse trainer takes in wild mustangs

Theodore Roosevelt Nat’l Park begins annual horse capturing process; activists disagree with management



Documenting the horse in Indian history

Bureau of Land Management issues decision on wild horse gathers and fertility control treatments

Wild Horse Advocacy Groups Urge Haaland to Promote Safe Management Methods

Bernhardt's parting shot to wild horses


What is the Future of Horse Meat?

Public Notice: Barren Valley Complex Wild Horse Fertility Control Project– Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Vale District.

Palm Island's brumby management plan sparks controversy among horse lovers

Study to look into influence of famed wild horses on Sable Island

BLM to thin wild horse herds in northwest Colorado

Wild horse hit, killed along highway near Navajo Nation


Program managing wild horse population

What’s the key to long life for Outer Banks wild horses?


Wild Horses, Part of Romantic West, Are Causing Havoc in Northeast California

Hanging in the balance

117 Horses at Lookout: Report

BLM releases mustangs back into Idaho desert

Annual report on Shackleford Banks horses released

Majority of Shackleford Banks Horses Are Female, New Report Finds

Brumby numbers down, but not enough for Barilaro

Brumbies are destroying Kosciuszko National Park

Wild horse population crashes after devastating drought and bushfires



NSW Government supports more culls after survey finds 14,000 wild horses in Kosciuszko National Park

Horse deaths under investigation on Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest

$5k reward offered after 4 horses found shot, killed in northern Arizona

To Keep the West Wild: New Docuseries Explores the Endangered Lives of America’s Wild Horses

BLM names Alan Shepherd as new Deputy State Director

Program to give Salt River horses birth control is a success

BLM to gather and remove excess wild horses from Sand Wash Basin and Piceance-East Douglas herd management areas


BLM to gather and remove excess wild horses from Sand Wash Basin Herd Management Area

NW China's rare wild horses get help to survive the winter



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