Wild Horses


The Przewalski's horse (takh or takhi in Mongolian) is the ancestor of today's domestic horses. As a species it was never domesticated and is therefore the world's last truly wild horse, eventhough there are other wild members of the equine family. - Association pour le cheval de Przewalski

What is called a wild horse in the Americas is really a feral horse.  When free-roaming horses are called wild horses the picture does not change for most Americans.  It does not matter what we call them, wild horses, mustangs, feral horses, shitters or free-roaming horses because they are all horses and these names have differing meanings depending on who is speaking.  In science journals, legislation and other legal uses they need to be called what they actually are.  Feral horses would be more specific while free roaming would be more general.

On these pages free-roaming horses will be discussed from many perspectives.


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