Fix the WH & B Act of 1971

The Problems

Ø  Poor Grazing Lands.  Grasslands are excellent grazing lands and a horses natural habitat.  The public lands are marginal grazing lands where it takes many acres to support a horse for a month.  On the grassland of eastern Oklahoma and Kansas it takes less than an acre.

Ø  Genetic Diversity.  The public lands are unable to support herd management areas large enough to support the thousands of horses needed for long term genetic diversity and maintain healthy range lands.  The horses need to be well managed for long term genetic diversity. 

Ø  Leave on Range.  If horses are left on the range with no management their population will expand until the land will no longer support the population.  This has been proved repeatedly the world over.

Ø  Birth Control Use.  For the large herd management areas it is difficult to set up a successful darting program and would increase the need to manage the genetic diversity of the horses. 

Ø  Wild Horse Advocates.  Wild horse advocates created the WH & B Act using emotion and wishful thinking and 45 years later still don’t want to face reality.  They use public outcries and lawsuits to make it impossible to properly manage the free roaming horses on public lands today.

Ø  The US Congress.  When it is all said and done it will take congressional action to fix what they broke.  No one else has the power to change the Wild Horse & Burro Act of 1971. 

The Options

v  Gather, Remove and Manage.  The free-roaming horses on the public lands will need frequent gathers to remove excess horses, to manage genetic diversity and for healthy horses on healthy ranges.

v  Remove the Horses.  Remove all free-roaming horses from the public lands.

The 1st Solution

This is the best solution will allow a program to be developed that works with nature and allow millions of people to enjoy watching our wild horses every year.  It will take more effort, but the financial savings will be substantial.

Repeal the Wild Horse & Burro Act of 1971.  Pass new legislation creating a new program placing the horses in their natural habitat, the grasslands of the southern plains.  For more information go to:  http://hors-sens.com/mustang/actof2018/default.html


The 2nd Solution


The Wild Horse & Burro Program has actually done a decent job of learning how to handle and manage wild horses.  When adoptions were high, they struggled, but kept the horse population within the outer limits of reason and at times were even in decent shape.  There is one thing that everyone raising livestock needs, the ability to sell livestock as needed, and it has been taken out of the management of Wild Horses and Burros.

The Wild Horse & Burro Program needs to be able to frequently gather, manage for healthy horses on healthy ranges and remove excess horses.  And most important, have the ability to sell without limitation all excess horses and burros without limitation and euthanize any that it is unable to sell!!!!

The solution is just that simple!


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