End or Change

The Wild Horse & Burro Program

Wild Horse Annie witnessed horses being abused while on a truck taking them to a slaughter house and was moved to start a crusade to protect the free ranging feral horses on public lands.  On December 15, 1971 the Wild Horse & Burro Act of 1971 was signed to law by Richard Nixon.  The Act protected the free ranging feral horses(mustangs) from the people who were providing the management needed to keep the mustang population under control.  Free ranging horses need properly managed!

The Wild Horse & Burro Act of 1971(WH&B Act), and the Wild Horse & Burro Program(WH&B Program) are based on wishful thinking.  In the process myths and misinformation have been created and are being accepted as the truth, are rewriting history and misleading the public.  If the American Public wants free ranging horses we need to write new legislation that is based on reality, if they don’t, we need remove all free ranging horses from our public lands and end the program.

Those employed in the Wild Horse & Burro Program have worked hard to succeed within the crippling guidelines of the Wild Horse & Burro Act.  The wild horse & burro advocates have sabotaged the program at every turn.  The wild horse advocates and legislators are at fault for the failures of the program.

The self proclaimed wild horse & burro advocates continue to be guided by their passions and emotions. They ignore Nature.  They ignore reality.  They need to be ignored while the Wild Horse & Burro Act is changed using Hors-sens.  The advocates ignorance has no place in making solid practical judgments and decisions.

Overkill?  Maybe, but it just can’t be stressed enough how far out of touch with reality a great many of the wild horse advocates are! 



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