Financial Advantages

For real financial saving all excess wild horse need sold with the remaining horses moved to the grasslands of the Flint Hills of Kansas and Oklahoma, the natural habitat of free-roaming horses.   Eight thousand wild horses on grasslands would produce two thousand plus head per year to adopt out, place in other successful programs and replenish the herd.  With pasture rates at $2 per day, pasture costs for 8,000 horses would be 6 million dollars per year reducing present pasture costs by 14 million dollars.  With under two thousand in off-range corrals 20 million dollars per year will be saved.  Over 34 million saved already.

In Flint Hills of East Central Oklahoma and Kansas it will take less 10 acres to pasture a horse for one year.  Eight thousand head of horses and burros @ 10 acres each would mean 80,000 acres or 125 sections would be needed.  That would be an area 10 miles by 12.5 miles.  In 2014 there was 26,907,632 acres in HMAs scattered across 10 western states for a combined area 200 miles by 210 miles.  There will be huge savings in overhead and management costs created by placing the free-roaming horses on the grasslands.  It may bring the Wild Horse Program Cost from 80 million to under 20 million.

Healthy horses on healthy lands plus a healthy pocket book.


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