A New Free Roaming

Horse & Burro Act



1.   The Wild Horse & Burro Act needs repealed.  Forty-five years of failure is enough. 

2.   A Free Roaming Horse & Burro Act of 2018 needs to be enacted.

3.   All free roaming horses on public lands need to be gathered and removed.

4.   Six thousand head to be sorted off to become a part of the new program and shipped to large pastures in Oklahoma and Kansas.

5.   Another two thousand to be sorted off for adoption and other successful programs and sent to holding facilities.

6.   The remaining 100,000+ head of horses and burros to be sold without restriction or euthanized.  They will not be placed in the new Free Roaming Horse & Burro Program.

7.   The 2,000-head designated for adoption and other successful programs would be moved to adoption holding facilities.

8.   Every year excess horses and burros would be removed from the pastures.  Mares could be darted with birth control if the excess horses are not adopted.

9.   Viewing areas will be set up to allow the public to view and enjoy a national symbol.


A Horses natural habitat is grasslands and 80% of today’s wild horses are in the Great Basin, a desert.  If the horses were removed from public lands and placed on grasslands in Oklahoma or Kansas they would be in their natural habitat.

At first glance it may not make sense to move the horses from public lands to leased pastures but cost per horse will go down and other problems will be solved simply by moving the horses to their natural habitat.   These are options worth taking an honest look at.

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