Socorro Water Trap & Tuscarora Gather

A small bunch of horses moved into the Socorro herd area in the 1950s and the del Cuarto family managed them keeping their numbers around 25 head.  After 1971 the BLM began to manage them.  The key word here is manage.  It is the same story throughout the public lands of the west, Indians, horse runners and ranchers have been managing the horses on these lands since the horse reached them.  These horses aren’t wild in the sense that deer and elk are, instead they are managed.

The Bordo HMA is gathered using a water trap.  Traps like this are more economical and easier on the horses but do not work in all areas. 

In the Owyhee HMA it takes as many as 50 acres to feed a horse for a month.  Definitely not a horse’s natural habitat regardless of what the Wild Horse & Burro Act of 1971 says.


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