Bring the Abattoirs Back

Closing the abattoirs in 2007 did not stop the flow of horses.  They are just shipped farther with most being sent to Mexico.  In 1994 one hundred nine thousand were sent to slaughter.  In 2015 one hundred twenty-five thousand were, an increase of sixteen thousand.  In 2012 over one hundred sixty thousand head were sent to slaughter.

The horses sent to abattoirs may be the lucky ones.  Many thousands of horses are abandoned every year with many suffering.  Thousands more may be neglected because of the high cost of keeping a horse.  And thousands more are turned loose wherever it is handy.  Banning slaughter houses adds to the suffering of horses.

Horses are livestock and should be treated as such.  Contact your local Congressperson and ask them to bring abattoirs back to create a market for unwanted horses.  It is the humane thing to do!



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