About Hors-Sens

Horse sense – “sound practical judgment independent of specialized knowledge or training; normal native intelligence,” From The Free Dictionary.

Hors-sens – “knowledge, nature, belief – theory – fact, experience, and logic.  Mix together for solid practical judgments and decisions.  Hors-Sens.”  My definition of Hors-Sens.

Knowledge is important. More important is knowing how to find it when needed. 

An understanding of the laws of nature is important.   No use trying to change the unchangeable.

Science is gaining knowledge about the laws of nature.

We also need to understand beliefs are not fact, even though some may be.  At times we may need to use beliefs because they are all we have.

Not all science is fact.  Most is theory supported by evidence, but not proved.  The stronger the support, the stronger the theory.  Remove the support and the theory becomes a belief.

Experience may help us appropriately apply knowledge and science to the matter at hand.

Logic keeps us honest.  Without logic it is easy to take the sound out of judgements and decisions.

All are needed to reach the best judgements and decisions.

Beliefs, and emotions help guide us through our personal life.  At times they are all we may have to make a decision with, but neither can replace knowledge, experience or logic in making sound practical judgements and decisions. 

We need Hors-Sens to slow us down, to promote thought and discussions, while staying focused on the issue at hand.


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