Oxygen Delivery Systems


Hospitals and Clinics use medical oxygen that is 99.5% pure.  Liquid oxygen(LOX) is 99.5% pure oxygen and delivered to hospitals, clinics, or trans-fillers, where it is converted to a gas and used in the medical facility or used to fill oxygen tanks. 

Home oxygen concentrators and Portable Oxygen Concentrators(POC) produce medical oxygen that is 87% to 96% pure oxygen.  Home-filled tanks would have the same percentage range.  Medical oxygen that is 99.5% pure and medical oxygen that is 87% to 96% pure are both measured by LPM.  I have a prescription for 3 to 4 LPM, is it for oxygen from LOX or my home concentrator?  My other prescriptions are much more specific.

POCs not only produce a lower percentage of oxygen than is contained in LOX, but the settings used on POCs aren’t the same as LPM. 

The elevation is one of many factors that affect the purity of the oxygen produced by oxygen concentrators.  At higher elevations, we need more oxygen, but oxygen concentrators give us less.  It makes a difference to individuals on supplemental oxygen and is important to understand.

Liquid oxygen delivery systems and oxygen cylinders deliver 99.5% pure oxygen.

Oxygen Concentrators deliver 87% to 96% pure oxygen when working properly.


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